Saturday, June 2, 2007

LeBron James GuitarMania | Permalink

I dedicated this blog today for our basketball team Caveliers. This form guitar of oversize Fender Stratocaster are creatively transformed into works of arts by local artists in project name GuitarMania. This works of arts display on street of Cleveland, so anytime you come visit Cleveland, you will find these guitars in every corner of downtown Cleveland. I located one of LeBron James in corner of Lakeview Ave and E. 6 St in Mall of Civic Center in downtown Cleveland. it just amazing what effect LeBron James and team in Caveliers to have on this town. After what some people say history-making about last Thursday night game, we beat Detroit Piston and to play a Game 6 tonight in Cleveland. Tonight game will decide who going to be Eastern Conference winner. Trust me it is going to be pact and crowd about 75.000 people expected in downtown who ready to celebrating after game this Saturday night. It just remind me back to our first major sport since our baseball team Indians reached the World series in 1997. And start 2.00 PM and Sunday, there are ban parking in some street in Cleveland close to Quick Loans Arena.

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Blogger Nabeel said...

people say he's the next michael jordan .. actually my brother told me that while watching the game today. Cool picture .. i wonder how much that guitar costs.

June 3, 2007 at 12:20 AM  

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